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The Strawberry Letter: Her Special Healing Soup

Subject: Her special healing soup

Dear Steve and Shirley, I recently moved to a small town and I got a great job, making great money. I’m 33 and the women I’m working with are in their late forties and fifties. I’m respectful, but there’s a 60 year old woman that thinks she’s in charge because she’s the oldest. She told me to call her Mama Mae and she was talking down to me a lot in the beginning. The funny part is that I was hired as a division director, so all of these women report to me. Mama Mae ran the office before I was hired, so she’s in my way, as I try to change the culture of the office. She does little spiteful things and then acts like she didn’t mean any harm, but I’m on to her. I need her to retire because she’s weird and she’s dangerous. I was congested for 3 days so I left work early on a Friday to get some rest. Saturday morning Mae popped up at my house with a big pot of orange liquid, dripping everywhere. She barged into my house and plopped the pot on my stove and told me it was her special healing soup. She told me to eat 3 bowls a day until I felt better. The soup smelled awful and she would not tell me what was in it. She insisted that I eat a bowl of it before she left. I could basically drink the soup because everything in it was mushy. I finished most of it, and she finally left so I got back in the bed. I woke up an hour later with the worst stomach pain I had ever had. I was in the bathroom all day and night. My nose and my colon were clear after eating Mae’s special soup. Mae still won’t say what’s in her special healing soup. A few ladies in the office said they should’ve warned me not to let Mae know I’m sick. Is Mae a witch or something? What’s in her healing soup?