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Carla's Reality Update: The State of RHOP + Robyn Dixon

Real Housewives of Potomac- Andy Cohen is not happy with Robyn Dixon and the Juan Dixon Cheating Allegations. Word has it, the alleged mistress has entered the chat.

Ok, so Robyn Dixon from the Real Housewives of Potomac was a guest on Watch What Happens Live. Her boss Andy Cohen was not too happy with her. Andy went in on Robyn about her discussing on her Reasonably Shady podcast that she knew about her husband Juan’s cheating allegations while tapping the current season. Andy was like, WTH! You’re on a reality show, and some of your castmates talked about cheating rumors all season long, and you don’t say anything about your husband’s rumored infidelity allegations! Robyn felt like it was cool not to say anything, because technically Juan didn’t cheat, and it was just inappropriate behavior. So, Robyn said Juan was on IG direct message with a woman in Canada during the COVID pandemic because he was "bored" and "needed attention." Robyn went on to say that this woman at the time was also supposed to be dating a Baltimore Ravens football player. Now according to Robyn, “The woman flew down to Maryland, and while in a casino she lost her wallet, she contacts Juan, and he feels bad for her and goes to the hotel, puts his card down at the counter or whatever, and that's it." Andy looked at Robyn and said that sounds like, some B.S. Robyn replied, "It sounded like B.S. to me when I found out about it. But he was very... you know... I believe him,".

Andy was still like I got all that, but why didn’t you talk about this on the show. Robyn basically said, she felt like it was inaccurate the cheating part, so she didn’t bring it up. My question is, first, why didn’t the woman call the Baltimore Ravens player that she was there to visit, to pay for her hotel after she realized she lost her wallet? Andy still stands by the issue that Robyn was not transparent enough this season, and Robyn was like we all have our skeletons. Child, Juan Dixon’s alleged mistress has entered the chat! She did a recorded conversation interview/podcast. The woman said, “I have no idea where that story came from. It’s very confusing. I had no reason to go to Maryland other than to see Juan.” That part! Part One of the reunion is Feb. 19th on Bravo.