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The Strawberry Letter: He's Amazing To Himself and His Mama

Subject: He’s amazing to himself and his mama

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m writing to you because Steve gives a lot of advice that some people take the wrong way. My husband is one of the people that heard what Steve said, but he doesn’t quite understand it. I get that it’s okay if you are in your mid-forties and you’re still trying to pursue your dreams, but I believe you have to be honest with yourself. Steve and Shirley, my poor husband is only amazing to himself and his mama. I can’t even tell you what he thinks he’s good at because his mama listens to the show daily and she’s messy enough to tell him on me. We are both 47 years old and he’s never given up on his dream to become famous. His mother asks him to perform all the time, like he’s a kid at a house party. We’ve been at a restaurant and his mother will get him to perform at our table and she looks at him so proudly, while I avoid eye contact with people around us because I know they are trying not to laugh at him. The performances are nonstop at home. If I’m cooking, he’s there entertaining me. He also thinks he's amazing in the bedroom but that’s my fault because I started lying to him years ago about that. The fact that he is still so very interested in being famous but clueless about how terrible he is, is an issue for me. His mother builds him up and she would never forgive me if I tell them how I really feel about his so-called, ‘God-given’ talent. I think if he pursues managing other people that do what he wants to do, he’d find joy in that. So, do I start with his mama and make her realize he’s not getting a big break or should I tell him that he doesn’t need to hire another manager because he’s not talented? Should I be a dream-killer or let this play out another ten years?