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The Strawberry Letter: I'm Not Leaving and She's Not Staying

Subject: I’m not leaving and she’s not staying

Dear Steve and Shirley, I am 29 years old and my parents got a divorce six years ago. My dad cheated on my mom and after the divorce, he moved in with his girlfriend. My mother eventually met a nice man and she got remarried 3 years ago and moved in with him. My mother owns the house I’m living in and she promised it to me as a wedding gift. My fiancé moved in and we are fixing the house up, slowly but surely. My dad had given me $5K to help us with the renovations and my fiancé and I were overjoyed. But now everything is falling apart and we’re miserable because my dad is living with us. His second wife kicked him out and filed for divorce after he got caught cheating again. He was supposed to be with us temporarily but it’s been 7 months. The worst part is he wants his new girlfriend to live with us too, until they can find a place that suits them. I lost so much respect for my dad after he cheated on my mom and my emotions boiled over earlier this week and I let him know exactly how I feel. I told him that I want him and his new girlfriend out of my house and if it was a problem, my fiancé and I would give him every penny of the $5K back. He had done a little research on the house and found out that my mother hadn’t done what she was supposed to do to put the house in my name and since he had been paying taxes on the house for years, I couldn’t put him out. I told him I’m not leaving and she’s not staying. We’ll have to deal with my dad a bit longer, but we do not have to deal with his girlfriend living with us. How can my own dad be so evil when he knows I’m getting married and fixing up this house? Do I let him and his girlfriend have the house or fight for what’s mine?