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The Strawberry Letter: You Need To Know What You're Getting Into

Subject: You need to know what you’re getting in to

Dear Steve and Shirley, my brother has been married for almost a year and it’s been a rough year for him and our family. He met her online and she ended up being an old friend of one of our cousins and before they got married, our cousin told him not to marry this girl. To make matters worse, she’s shoved me and put me out of my brother’s house. Before the wedding, she told my brother that she was getting liposuction on her tummy and it would take three days to recover. She went out of town and came back 8 days later with a bigger booty and she had a breast lift. She came back with a new body and he didn’t speak to her during her recovery. I don’t know what made him stick with her and go thru with the wedding after that. He said that she told him she didn’t need his consent to do anything to her body. But now she needs his help with all the medical bills that keep piling up because she’s been having a lot of complications from her booty implants. She does not have any feelings in her left cheek and I think it’s karma. My brother keeps complaining to me and our parents and our solution is to tell her to kick rocks but he won’t. A lot of things aren’t what they seem with her. She’s always been the type to jump from man to man for money, according to our cousin. With everything that’s going on in the world now, there should be a database of men and women so we will know what we’re getting into. It’s like the Carfax system for people. My sister-in-law clearly has self-esteem issues and needs to love herself before she can love my brother. I’m trying not to be in their business, but it’s a lot for my brother to deal with and on top of that, he hasn’t had sex in 5 months. What should he do?