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The Strawberry Letter: He's Padding Everything

Subject: He’s padding everything

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m a 42 year old woman and I met a man that lied about his age and other things when I met him. He’s 6’4” and very nice looking, with curly hair, but he’s very skinny. He had a large groin area and I couldn’t help but see it since he is such a tall man. We met in the grocery store and he was staring at me for a long time and then he finally spoke and said my beauty had him mesmerized. We exchanged numbers and a few days later, I met him out for a drink. I would’ve preferred to go to dinner, but that’s not what he offered. On our first date is when he started laying it on thick with the lies. He said he’s 48 years old and he played ball in college but he didn’t get a chance to go pro because he hurt his foot. He said his home is getting renovated so he’s staying in one of his rental properties. He never told me what he does for a living but he said he dabbles in the stock market. I loved getting to know him so I continued to hang out with him. After about two months, I was ready to be intimate with him. As he got undressed, I noticed his underwear had a cup-like feature in the front and that was the bulge I always saw. I asked about his underwear and told me that a lot of men wear those to protect themselves. He also had on an undershirt, a black tee shirt and a button front shirt and explained that he likes to pad his chest because he is skinny. We ended up doing the do and he was small and terrible. Since that night, he’s

admitted that he’s 64, he works as a custodial manager, he never played basketball and he’s never been to college. It’s clear that he does not have a house either. Since he has come clean about the lies, should I give him a chance to prove himself or break it off?