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The Strawberry Letter: Why Did She Change Her Wardrobe?

Subject: Why did she change her wardrobe?

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’ve been married for 12 years and I love my wife, but sometimes I cheat. I tell all of the women that I am married and I make sure they have something to lose too before we go all the way. So, having said that one of my son’s teachers had that look in her eye like she wanted to get to know me better. My wife loves her so it was just my luck that my wife asked her to keep our son on Tuesday and Thursday nights so she could take a public speaking class for work. This teacher lady is fine and she knows it. I started going home early to relieve her and I always let her know I was interested. After a week or so, she started flirting back so I paid her extra money for babysitting so she would know what was up. She propositioned me first and said she was bored at my house so I needed to come home early to check on her. So, I went home to check on her. We started playing around but I am not ignorant enough to have sex in my own house, so we planned to meet up the next day at a hotel. That was Tuesday but then on Thursday, things went left. I got home early and this chick was in my house wearing a tight-fitting dress with her breasts and behind poking out and she smelled like expensive perfume. Her hair was done and she had on makeup. I loved it, but she was overdressed for her babysitting job. I told her to hurry and leave before my wife got home, but it was too late. My wife walked in and the first thing she asked was, “Why did she change her wardrobe, she did not have that on when I left.” I was standing there looking stupid with my boy at attention. Ms teacher lady lied and said she had a date to get to. Nothing happened at all. So how do I convince my wife?