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The Strawberry Letter: My Ex Was On My Couch

Subject: My ex was on my couch

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m in my mid-thirties and I got divorced a year ago. I was getting over my ex-husband and I started dating someone new. I got the house in the divorce and my ex did not have a problem with that until he found out that I was dating a man that’s way more handsome and put-together than he’s ever been. He got jealous and started texting me things about the man being over at my house all night and he said it wasn’t a good look. I blocked his cell number and I blocked him on social media, but our mutual friends kept him in the loop about every little thing I did with the new guy. It got messy but I was only focused only on this new guy and losing weight because he is so fine! One of my girls popped by one evening and my new man was painting the kitchen with his shirt off. She went and spread that bit of tea and then my ex-husband started riding by my house. He sent a message to me through my sister, saying we need to talk about selling the house. This is my house, so I knew that was a lie. I thought avoiding him would make him go on with his life, but it only made him try harder to get to me. When I got home Thursday, his car was parked out front and my front door was open. I called my sister to tell her that he was there and she encouraged me to go inside and talk to him. I found him sitting on the couch, crying. He pulled me close to him and apologized for cheating and said he can’t stand to see me with another man. I’ve waited for that apology for almost 2 years. He said he will never stop loving me. My heart melted. We made love and then he asked for a second chance to get things right. Is he being sincere or is he doing all of this because he is jealous?