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The Strawberry Letter: Fooling Around In First Class

Subject: Fooling around in first class

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m in my early thirties and newly single. I dated a man for 6 years before I realized he didn’t love me and he was never going to marry me. After my long dead-end relationship ended, I started drinking a lot more and I decided to treat men like dirt. That didn’t go so well for me and now I’ve lost my job and I’ve been charged with indecent exposure. I worked for a major airline and my girls and I were headed to Jamaica for a Galentines Day getaway… I was in first class, sitting next to a chocolate man with a bald head and pearly white teeth. We drank a lot of brown liquor and laughed and talked. I slid past him to get to the bathroom and I made sure he saw my assets. When I got back, I noticed he was watching an erotic movie on his phone and there was a wild sex scene going on. He saw that I was watching too, so he tilted his phone so I could see it better. Without communicating, he slid his hand under my blanket. The lights had been lowered so nobody could see what was going on. He knew what to do with his hands and when he finished, I wanted to return the favor. I leaned over the armrest and covered myself with my blanket. He didn’t say a word and I was as quiet as I could possibly be. Then he pushed me up frantically as a flight attendant passed by. He told me that he’s married and he seemed very irritated. I guess my lip service sobered him up real quick. We did not look at each other or utter one word for the rest of the flight. After I got to Jamaica, I got an email from my job saying that I lost my flight privileges and I was suspended. I got fired 3 days later, all because the flight attendant snitched. I blame this all on my ex. How do I move past the hurt