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The Strawberry Letter: My Son's Daddy Is Blocking My Happiness

Subject: My son’s daddy is blocking my happiness

Dear Steve and Shirley, I was in a long-distance relationship for 4 years and when I broke up with the guy, he moved to my city and I ended up getting pregnant by him after the breakup. I was ready to be done with him, but now I’m tied to this insecure crybaby of a man for life, because of our son. We try to co-parent but he can not understand that that’s it… Nothing else. I was dating someone new for about 3 months and I had tried to keep it from my ex, but my son told his dad about how mommy and Jake like to watch TV with him. I got a call from his dad in his whiny voice. He asked me who Jake is. I told him Jake is a great man and he was very kind to our son. I could hear him sniffling so I knew he was crying. He told me he was on his way to my house so we could talk. I had a dinner date with Jake so I told my ex that we’d have to talk some other time. He popped up anyway, just as Jake parked his car in front of my apartment. I saw my ex talking to Jake and then I got a call from Jake. He said he was going to take a raincheck because my son’s father was visibly upset and he thinks that I should talk to him. I was so mad that I didn’t let my ex come in. I cursed him out in the hallway and I hope my neighbors heard it. I finally gave him something to cry about. This is not the first time he has pulled this stunt. He is blocking my happiness and he thinks I owe him a second chance since we have a son together. Jake said he’s not trying to break up a family. I understand that, but I had hoped that he would fight for me. How do I get my cry-baby ex to find himself a nice girl to date? Should I pick up and move to another city?