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The Strawberry Letter: My Baby Daddy and His Teenybopper

Subject: My Baby Daddy and His Teenybopper

Dear Steve and Shirley, I am a 37 year old single mother and my 12 year old daughter finally got into the performing arts school on the other side of town. When I say “other side of town” you know what I mean. My daughter is thriving at her new school and she’s invited to birthday parties and lake houses and things she’s never been exposed to. I’m happy for all of that because she needed to be exposed to the other way of life that I can’t give her just yet, as a single mother. The child support from her daddy isn’t enough to pay for tuition, so she’s on scholarship. Her daddy isn’t on board with the school because he said the teachers are racist and those students treat our daughter like she’s different because of her hair and skin color. I don’t want him to put those racist thoughts in her head. But he’s a hood rat and the teeny bopper he’s dating is just as hood rich as he is. He drives a big raggedy high-end car and it rattles but because it’s a status car for him, he doesn’t care. He’s pulled it up to my daughter’s school and she doesn’t want to get in it. He thinks she’s ashamed of him and I think she is. His girlfriend came to her dance recital with a tri-colored wig and long nails with diamonds all over them. I won’t even mention the tiny little dress she had on. My daughter didn’t even want to meet her. This was the first time I saw her classmates and the parents look at us like we were different. I’m not with the racist looks at all, but I want my daughter’s father to get himself together and be more presentable and choose better women. Whoever he dates will be around our daughter so that’s reason enough for me. Why do grown men like teeny boppers and why would he bring this heifer to the school?