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The Strawberry Letter: His Sister or Secret Lover

Subject: His Sister or Secret Lover

Dear Steve and Shirley, I've been in a long-distance relationship for almost a year and when we're apart we keep the magic going with video chats and surprise gifts. He's big on family and he's got one sister and lots of aunts and uncles. I have met all of his family, but I just got a chance to meet his sister. She was always working when I would come to town or she was traveling. All my man talks about is his sister and I love their relationship, until I met her and I got some family history, this woman would literally sleep in the bed with my boyfriend and walk around in her underwear around him. I don't do that with my brothers, but some families are closer than others. A few times when we would be on a video call, she would walk by with nothing but a bra and panties and I did not say a word. Fast forward to Easter weekend when I went to stay with him and I finally met her. She was cool but seemed possessive of him, so I had hoped that she would go home. She stayed the first night and she told me that she would let me stay in the King's bedroom with him. He said he wouldn't have it any other way and told her to go sleep in the guest room, but they stayed up all night chit-chatting. The following day I mentioned it to one of his aunts and she said that I had to watch that girl because she's always had a crush on my man. I found out that she was adopted when she was 13 and they're not really related. She said that my boyfriend should have told me that. I told her how close they are and his aunt ran her big mouth to the family. They had no idea they'd been carrying on the the way they'd been carrying on. My boyfriend said it was none of my business, but shouldn't he have told me they're not really related?