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The Strawberry Letter: Where Should I Sit?

Dear Steve and Shirley, I'm a 55-year-old married woman and my husband is currently going through a very disrespectful stage of life. He thinks he's a scholar and a comedian and he is flirtatious with younger women, my son's girlfriend in particular. I've heard my husband congratulate my son on pulling someone so fine and asking questions like where does she workout and if her mama is fine as she is. I thought it was father-son bonding but he has gotten worse.

We had a Memorial Day get-together and my son's girlfriend came over with her little girl. The little girl was attached to me because she said I reminded her of her grandmother. The girlfriend was walking around with the plate on the patio and all the seats were taken and she asked my husband where should I sit. My super ignorant husband said I know where you can sit and I almost jumped up and tackled him. He had a dirty old man look on his face and the girlfriend was smiling from ear to ear. So, I loudly told him to sit his ass down somewhere immediately. He got bristly with me and we had a screaming match in front of our guests. He said he wasn't flirting and it was a joke. I take a lot of mess from him but I don't have to tolerate this in my house. My son is in support of his father because maybe he doesn't know my husband was implying something nasty when he said that to his girlfriend. My husband is waiting for me to apologize and I did not do anything wrong. The girl was at our house again last night and she was acting funny too.

What's going on with my husband? Did I overreact? Or is my husband playing me for a fool? Please help.