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The Strawberry Letter: He Hid All of My Pajamas

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I've been married for three years, and before our wedding, my husband and I practiced celibacy. We had sex a few times when we were dating, but we decided to save the good stuff for marriage, and we stopped having sex. Our wedding night was full of fireworks and magic because we had been saving up for that night. I'm so happy to report that our intimacy is still great, and he continues to surprise me in the bedroom.

The only thing is that he has become very comfortable with his body, which is not all that sexy. He's got the typical 45-year-old belly and boobies that come from eating badly and not working out. I'm not one to talk because I've got a tummy and love handles. We are not the sexy couple that needs to be walking around naked, but he loves to be nude. Whenever he's lounging around, he's naked. We each have a throw that we use to protect the furniture from our nakedness. I am not comfortable with it, but I'm trying to please him.

I do draw the line at sleeping naked, and he hates it because he is heavier than he's ever been. He gets hot at night, and he has the air on 68. He also turned the ceiling fan on during the hotter nights this past summer, so I started back wearing pajamas. I love the feel of my soft pajamas against my skin, but he hates them. He refused to let me wear pajamas, but I put them on anyway because I was cold. Guess what? This selfish man hid all of my pajamas from me. He thinks it's a funny prank, and I think it's selfish of him to do me like that.

I walk around naked for him, but he can't let me have pajamas at night. Should I buy new pajamas and lock them up, or should I stop playing the naked game with him? Please advise.