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The Strawberry Letter: Why Were They In My Kitchen Whispering

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I've been married for 18 years, and my husband is a high school principal, while I am a retired teacher. We host an annual Labor Day Get Together for his staff, and I get it catered. We have games in the backyard for the kitties, and they enjoy swimming and playing in our hot tub.

This year was different because he has mostly females on staff, most of them are single moms so they came with their children. Like I said, I had the food catered, and it was set up on chafing dishes on the patio, so it was strange that my husband kept running in and out of the house; he said his stomach was bothering him. The last time he went inside, he was gone for a long time, so I went inside to check on him. He wasn't in any of our bathrooms in the back of the house, so I went toward the kitchen and I heard whispering. I noticed the laundry room door was opened, and there was a towel on the floor.

I walked in on my husband and one of the teachers in my kitchen, and they stopped whispering. Her linen shorts were wrinkled, and his head was dripping with sweat. He started rambling about this woman having a family emergency and she needed somewhere quiet to talk. I rolled my eyes, and then she started rambling. She said she went into our laundry room to take a phone call, and my husband shot her an angry look. I bet he didn't expect her to admit that she was in our laundry room. I politely told her that whatever she had going on, she should leave my house and go take care of it. She left, and my husband walked her out.

A month later, he's still mad at how I handled her. I am still mad that she was inside my house with him and why was he so concerned about her problems?