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The Strawberry Letter: Why Did He Get Rid of All Our Trash?

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I've been living with my man for nine years. I won a cruise from being a high roller at the casino, and I took my best girlfriend on the cruise with me. We had a ball on the boat, and there were a lot of fine men, but I didn't fool around with any of them. Although I did come close a few times. When I'm on that tequila, there's no telling how I'm going to act.

My man knew that my phone service was bad on the water, so we texted a lot. I sent him nude pictures of me in my cabin, and he sent me nudes while he was in the bed. I looked closely at his two pictures and saw three red cups on the nightstand and a bottle of rum. The comforter was off the bed, and there was a McDonald's bag on the floor by the bed. I thought he was being the slob that he normally is, so I texted that he'd better clean up before I got home.

I got home a few days later, and I could barely get in the door before he was trying to have sex with me. I was ready too because I had had a few drinks on the flight home. After sex, I got myself together, and we went out to get dinner. I got home with my leftovers and noticed there was some food, some old food in the fridge, so I went to throw it away.

I noticed the garbage can was empty. I went to the garbage, and there weren't any trash bags in the trash can. Trash day was the next day, and we usually have at least three bags of trash to put out twice a week. I did not see the McDonald's bag or the three red cups or any other trash. I asked him where all the trash was, and he said there wasn't any trash. I took out my phone and I showed him the pictures of the missing trash. He said he took it to the dumpster, to a dumpster. Why did he get rid of the trash?