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Entertainment News: Jada's Bombshells, Will's Reply, Mayweather's Aid

Jada Pinkett Smith's primetime special with Hoda Kotb premiered on Friday night, sparking a flurry of internet commentary about her revelations. The interview aimed to promote Jada's upcoming book, "Worthy," set to be released tomorrow. During the conversation, Jada disclosed details about her life and marriage, leading some to dub it her "Pay Attention To Me" tour. She shared that she and her husband, Will Smith, have been separated since 2016. Despite a promise to never divorce, they decided to live apart while remaining married. Jada also opened up about her troubled past, including selling crack as a teenager and a harrowing incident at 19.

The revelation that raised eyebrows was Jada's claim that Tupac asked her to marry him while he was at Rikers Island, suggesting it was to improve his bad boy image. In response, Will Smith addressed Jada's claims in an email to the New York Times, acknowledging the challenges of long-term relationships and how her revelations "kind of woke him up."

Over the weekend, Will shared a video of himself sleeping on a boat, humorously emphasizing his ability to nap anywhere with the caption "Notifications Off." The saga continued with fans speculating on the couple's dynamic.

Shifting gears, last week Floyd Mayweather expressed strong support for Israel amid the Hamas attacks, condemning antisemitism and advocating for peace and human rights. Mayweather went beyond words, sending over 5,000 pounds of supplies for Israeli civilians and military. Responding to a request from political commentator David Rubin, Mayweather used his private jet to transport essential items, landing in Tel Aviv on Sunday evening. The supplies ranged from food and water to bullet-proof vests, showcasing Mayweather's commitment to supporting those affected by the conflict. Way to go Mayweather!