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Entertainment News: McKnight's Shift, Suge's Podcast, Mo'Nique's 'Daddy'

In the realm of celebrity drama, Brian McKnight has stirred the pot by not only engaging in a public feud with his biological children but also by legally changing his name. The R&B singer, already a senior to his oldest son Brian McKnight Jr., decided to adopt the title of Brian McKnight, Sr. for his newborn son, Brian Kainoa Mokoa Jr. The announcement, made via Instagram, was coupled with the release of a new album dedicated to his latest offspring. However, this move didn't sit well with his fans, who criticized him for allegedly disassociating from his four oldest children. The social media backlash labeled him as "evil" for showcasing what some perceive as disdain for his own offspring.

In a contrasting turn of events, the notorious Suge Knight is taking advantage of his time behind bars to launch a podcast titled "Collect Calls With Suge Knight." The podcast, set to premiere on Halloween across major streaming platforms, will see Knight addressing individuals from his past who allegedly used his name for clout. Notable names on his hit list include Akon, Master P, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Warren G. Knight's mission is to shed light on the music industry and educate the younger generation about its intricacies.

Shifting gears, comedian Mo'Nique opens up about her unconventional term of endearment for her husband in an interview with Je'Niece McCullough. The actress explained that calling her husband "Daddy" is a result of him playing a significant role in her growth and maturity, filling a void left by her father since she was 13. Mo'Nique expresses gratitude for the positive impact this has had on her, making her a better mother, friend, and entertainer.

Meanwhile, pop culture sensation Britney Spears continues to captivate social media with her eclectic posts, ranging from dancing videos and knife-wielding antics to recent controversial nude photos. In a leaked excerpt from her upcoming memoir, Britney addresses the public's scrutiny of her unconventional choices. She emphasizes that her love for self-expression, especially through nudity, stems from a desire to reclaim control over her image after years of being photographed and prodded for others' approval. For Britney, it's a source of joy to pose authentically and capture her own sense of empowerment.