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Entertainment News: Richard Roundtree's Legacy, Irvin's Son + Plane Chaos

Richard Roundtree, the iconic star of the 1971 film "Shaft," has passed away at the age of 81 after bravely battling pancreatic cancer. The news was confirmed by Roundtree's longtime manager, Patrick McMinn, who emphasized the actor's significant impact on the industry, calling his work and career a pivotal turning point for African-American leading men.

Switching gears to a recent episode of Undisputed, host and NFL legend Michael Irvin shared a personal revelation about his son, Elijah, who is pursuing a career in rap. Irvin openly accused his son of being inauthentic, pointing out that Elijah raps about experiences he hasn't lived due to his privileged upbringing.

Prosecutors in Jonathan Majors' domestic violence case have uncovered documents that shed light on another incident involving his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, in London last year. Allegedly, Majors abused Jabarri at Molineux Stadium, and medical records support her claims. This new revelation may potentially escalate the case to trial.

Lastly, an Alaska Airlines flight from Everett, Washington, to San Francisco faced a dramatic diversion when an off-duty pilot, Joseph Emerson, attempted to tamper with the plane's fuel source. Emerson, a seasoned pilot with over 20 years of experience, disrupted the flight by attempting to cut off the fuel supply, creating a tense situation in the cockpit. Following a brief struggle, Emerson was subdued by the pilot, but the ordeal didn't end there. Emerson then tried to open an emergency exit door after landing in Portland, resulting in his arrest on charges including attempted murder and reckless endangerment. In a chilling twist, Emerson attributed his actions to a perceived nervous breakdown, citing 40 hours without sleep and hinting at the influence of psychedelic drugs.