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The Strawberry Letter: Am I Nagging Or Is This A Cover Up?

Dear Steve and Shirley,

My husband works as a tech leader at his company, and he sometimes takes his friend Satchel to work. Last week, there was an off-site meeting, and he said he took Satchel and Quinn, one of his other co-workers, to the meeting with him. I assumed Quinn was a man because he didn't specify that Quinn is a woman.

I used my husband's car last Sunday for church, and my daughter and I stopped by the supermarket after church. I put the groceries in the trunk and saw a tiny pair of women's tennis shoes stuck down in his trunk organizer. I went home and put the shoes on top of his work bag. He walked by them a few times that day, and finally, after we had dinner, I heard him sigh really loud as he left the kitchen. He walked up to me with the shoes in his hand and asked why I was going through his trunk. I asked him whose shoes those were, and he said they belonged to Quinn. I asked him to tell me once again who Quinn is, and he said Quinn is his intern. She goes to the gym with him after work, so he insisted that she leave her shoes in the trunk. He said it as if I was irritating him, and it felt like he was defending Quinn.

I asked him to show me a picture of Quinn, or better yet, tell me her last name so I can find her on IG or Facebook. He said that Quinn is her last name, and he will not tell me this woman's full name. I told him that I would appreciate it if he returned her shoes to her and stopped driving her to work and the gym. He said this is why he doesn't share anything with me. He said I nag him and jump to conclusions. Is this a fact, or did he tell me that to throw me off? Is Quinn more than just a co-worker?