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The Strawberry Letter: He Will Be Buried Next To His Mama

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I've been married for almost 30 years, so my husband and I started planning for the future and making sure our two adult children won't be straddled with any debt after we die. I told my husband that we should do a will, and he told me that he already has one and he did it about 15 years ago. He said when he was helping his parents do one, his dad suggested that he do one too, so he did. He said it slipped his mind to tell me right then, but he said he always told me that he was going to be buried next to his mama and his dad would be on the other side of his mama. I do remember him telling me, but it was always when we were joking around.

When we were joking around, I do remember him telling me a while back that I was going to kill him if he didn't start bothering me, and he said that if I do, just make sure he's buried next to his mama. He has always been a big mama's boy, and it never bothered me because I'm a daddy's girl. The only time his mother irritated me was when she would tell us how to plan for the future and how to save our money. This must be how she wrangled him into doing a will.

He pulled the will out of a safe deposit box under our bed and let me read it. He plans to leave the house, his savings, his car, and everything else to our two daughters. Then at the bottom of the third page, I read that he is to be buried next to his mother and his plot is already paid for. I would think he'd wanna be buried next to me, but when I asked him, he said he'd rather lie next to his parents eternally.

Does it matter where he is buried, or should he be buried next to me?