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The Strawberry Letter: He Says He Loves Her Every Time They Talk

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I've been friends with my boyfriend for seven years. I met him at work, and there's another girlfriend of ours who is our bestie. We were inseparable back when we met, and it was a shocker for our other friend when we started dating. It just kind of happened that one night we talked until the sun came up, and we ended up having sex on top of this car.

He told me that it's always been me, the apple of his eye, the girl of his dreams, and my heart melted. I called our other friend to tell her the news, and she started crying. I asked if she was happy or sad, and she said both. She explained that she didn't want to lose our friendship, but she was happy that we finally hooked up because all he did was talk about me.

I made it a point to include her in our dates, but that got old. So, we'd sneak out, and I'd forget to tell her. My boyfriend is an honest person, so he'd always end up telling her that we went out. And that brings me to another issue that I have with them being so close. He would always say, "I love you" when he talked to me or to her on the phone. He's still saying it to her at the end of the call before hanging up. He talks to her more than I do, and she tells me things he shared with her. I have to act like I already knew it.

I am jealous, and I don't know how to tell him without sounding silly. I asked him why he doesn't tell me that he loves me every day, and he said that I have his whole heart for the rest of his life. I don't want him loving another woman. I don't think we should be friends with her anymore. Is that too much to ask?