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The Strawberry Letter: New Year, New Me

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I have been married for 11 years and can honestly say that I trusted my wife and loved her unconditionally but now I'm questioning our commitment because she lied and withheld information. The week before Christmas she and her best friend went to Orlando to do some Christmas shopping and she transferred thousands of dollars to her personal account, like $6,000, but I was cool with it because she works hard and she is a great mom. While she was gone, I took the kids to Tennessee to visit with my parents. My wife and I were both distracted so we didn't talk much during the few days we were apart. I told her that I would be back in time to pick her up from the airport but she said she would ride with her best friend. When I got home, she was lying on the couch bandaged from her boobs to her thighs. She stood up as best she could and our six-year-old started crying over how bad my wife looked. My wife started crying and admitted that she had lied about being in Orlando. She said she wanted to surprise me with a 'Mommy Makeover', which is a breast lift and butt injections as well as liposuction. She was in so much pain she could barely speak. I told her I never wanted a big booty wife or breast sitting at attention and it made her cry even more. I felt terrible because I was upset that she lied and used our savings for that nonsense just so she could look like the women on social media. My wife was slim and perfect, so she did this for herself. She's upset with me because I'm not thrilled with the outcome. Should I fake the funk with her and pretend to like her new body or keep it real?