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The Strawberry Letter: Her Injury Is Not My Fault

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I am dating a cheater, and he just asked me to marry him. I was thinking of saying yes, but then one of his side chicks pressed charges against me.

In November, I found my man on the side of a building in his car, naked from the waist down, and a woman was running across the parking lot away from his car because she saw me pulling up. I fired a warning shot with an air gun that I keep just to scare a criminal away. When the gun went off, she got scared and fell like she had been shot. I thought it was funny, and so did my boyfriend.

I took my boyfriend's pants and his car keys, and he called the police on me. Witnesses said I fired a gun, so after examining my air gun, the policeman issued a fine, and I went and paid it the next day. I wasn't worried about the side chick because my man was on his best behavior and stuck to me like glue. He spoiled me for Christmas, and I got three rings to choose from when he asked me to marry him.

I was still trying to play hard to get, and I hadn't said yes yet to his plan to marry him, but now I have to deal with being sued by the side chick that fell in the parking lot. She pulled a muscle, sprained her ankle, and had a gash on her leg that needed stitches. She didn't have insurance, so she's suing me for $2100 for her trip to the ER that night. I am not responsible for her injuries. I think that my boyfriend is responsible, and she should sue him instead. This has created a major conflict in our relationship. He wants me to pay it so we can get on with our lives. He won't even give me half of the money. If it wasn't for him cheating, she never would have fallen in that parking lot. Should my boyfriend pay up, or is this all my fault?