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The Strawberry Letter: Do I Stay Or Move On To Number Five

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I'm 54 years old and married to my third husband. I have a tendency to get bored in relationships, so I was really trying to make my marriage work. I get hit on by men at least three times a week, and I always have to flash my diamond ring so men know I'm taken. I guess it's my cute dimples and my sweet voice. Each one of my husbands told me that it's the baby top that drove them crazy. Whatever it is, I know I can always get a man.

But my current husband is boring, and he's not into explicit videos or role-playing. We've only been married two years, and he's already stopped flipping me around when we're intimate. I was telling my sister how plain our sex is, and he overheard me on the phone. He went off yelling and screaming at me, and he threw my past up in my face. He said that I'm the problem in all of my failed relationships because I want to stay young and do things young women do. My sisters heard everything that he said to me and told me to get out of the house to clear my head.

I met her at a cafe, and we had some drinks, and then in walked the man of my dreams. He had on a number 5 jersey, but he was not playing, playing no games at all that night. He had me twisted up all kinds of ways at his house, and he made me forget about my marriage. I call him number five, and we've been messing around for like three months. He wants me to leave my husband for him. My husband never apologized for the way he talked to me, so if we break up, it won't be my fault. I feel like I should be single and just do me for a while. Should I try to make this third marriage work or move on to number five?