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The Strawberry Letter: I Plan To Move No Matter What

Dear Steve and Shirley,

My husband and I live about 30 minutes away from the city on his family's land, and we're renovating the home he grew up in. I used to love being away from the madness of the city, but now my country bumpkin in-laws have moved in on us. It's their land, so we can't say anything about them living right across from us.

When my husband's grandmother died, everyone started fighting over who would get her house. Unfortunately, she had a will, and it stated that the house belongs to my father-in-law. So, they left a house they built in 2018 to live on the family's land.

As much as I hate living in the city, I asked my husband if we can go live in his parents' vacant home. He refuses to trade our peace for being stuck in traffic again, even after the big blowout that his mom and I had last night. Now he's looking at me with a twisted mouth because of how I talked to his mom.

I plan to move out no matter what because his mother and I are like oil and water, and I must have peace in my home. When I first married, I used to have panic attacks when his mother was around because she is so hateful. My husband cannot control her, and I don't expect him to because she's his mom.

I hate that he's in the middle, and I really regret hurting his feelings last night. Since I'm the problem, I plan to eliminate myself. We don't have any children, so I can make a clean break and move on with my life. If my husband truly loves me, he will follow me. If he chooses to stay in the raggedy house close to his mama, then I'm prepared to deal with that heartbreak.

I have chosen peace this year, so his mom has to go, or I will go. Do you think I'll regret my decision if my marriage ends over this?