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The Strawberry Letter: He Picked Me Up In My Pajamas At 3am

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I'm 46 years old and married, but over the past two years, my relationship with my husband has tanked. We've been sleeping in separate bedrooms since last October because he sleeps with a CPAP machine. He also has the TV on, and he sleeps under the ceiling fan. We have not had sex since August. He's tired and cranky all the time, so I started going out after work with a co-worker instead of going home to a hostile environment.

My co-worker and I drank so much one night that we ended up in a hotel room having sex in the shower. My affair is fun and exciting because I'm sneaking around to have great sex. It has been going on for two months without any issues, but after Friday night, I think my husband might leave me. Around 1:00 am, I gave him his sleeping pill, and I snuck out after he went to sleep. I had on satin pajamas and my fur coat. I met my co-worker for some good and we left the hotel at 2:45 AM to go home.

Halfway home, I ran out of gas. I texted my co-worker, and he said he couldn't leave back out because his wife wasn't asleep. I was screwed because my bestie was in Arizona all week. If I called my dad, he would ask a million questions about how I ran out of gas and why I'm in my pajamas. My only option was to call my husband. I had to call him eight times before he woke up. He picked me up, but he didn't say one word. He's still ignoring me, and his calm demeanor is scaring me.

Do I make up a lie to tell him or wait until he brings up the subject?