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The Strawberry Letter: He Re-Gifted A Teddy Bear She Gave Him

Dear Steve and Shirley,

My honey and I are on shaky ground, and I'm not in a loving mood this Valentine's Day. We celebrated our two-year anniversary and Valentine's Day on Sunday because he had a flight on Valentine's Day; he's a flight attendant. So, he flew in on Sunday and met me at a hotel for our little staycation. We ordered room service, and he had his friend drop off my gifts. He got me a necklace with a diamond-encrusted "2" on it for the two years we have been together. I also got a teddy bear wearing a t-shirt that said, "I love you," and I got a bottle of cream perfume. When I hugged the bear, it smelled just like the new YSL perfume that I want. My boyfriend looked puzzled when I asked if he sprayed the bear with perfume. That's when I knew for a fact that he did not buy me the teddy bear.

Then I had a flashback of going to his house earlier in the week and getting his mail and packages and putting them in his house. I remember that the big box smelled like YSL perfume, but I didn't pay it any mind. In the middle of the night, I asked him about the bear, and he couldn't tell me where he got it. I kept him up till 3:30 am, and he finally said he texted his friend that brought the gifts over to the hotel, and his friend said he opened all of the packages and thought he was supposed to bring the bear too. So, his friend messed up, and that's understandable, but who sent the bear is my question. He swears he doesn't know who sent it, and the box has mysteriously disappeared. Did he fly out to spend Valentine's Day with the teddy bear lady, or is he really working?