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The Strawberry Letter: She’s Picking Up What I’m Putting Down

Dear Steve and Shirley,

One of my best girlfriends was sleeping with my husband, and I feel like a fool for trusting her. She was smiling in my face and acting like she and my husband couldn't stand each other. It was like Martin and Pam's relationship back in the day. I sent my husband to her house for years whenever she needed help with minor things. The most shocking part was that my husband told me everything after he'd been trying to end the affair for months. He saved text messages from the beginning of their relationship, and it showed that she initiated everything. She finally admitted everything, and she's been working hard to be my friend since then. I never put my husband out or acted a fool, and that's what bothered her most. I made a commitment to him, not to her.

Since that drama, I have started a counseling service for all the couples in our friends group that have dealt with cheating. Most times, my husband is present to offer his two cents. I was stunned to see this man-stealing girlfriend pop up at a virtual session. She testified that she's involved with another married man and she's in search of guidance so she can stop the cycle of being a mistress. I told her I could not help her and told her to log off. Then she sent a long text to me saying that I was capitalizing off her pain and if she hadn't slept with my husband I would not be able to counsel anyone, and she wants to be a partner with me or she's going to sue me for using her personal story. She keeps picking up what I'm putting down.

How do I avoid this chick? Do I owe her anything?