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The Strawberry Letter: Clear The Room Before We Start

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I'm in love with a man that's dramatic and very high-strung. He overreacts in everything he does. Whenever he's driving, he swerves all over the place to avoid potholes, and he swings out to make right turns. It gets on my last nerve, but it's also entertaining. You ought to hear him gossiping when he talks to his mama. When I hear him say, "Ah naw." I know they will be at it for a while.

The funniest part of our marriage is how he acts in the bedroom. I have to clear the room before we start. He will not go over anything on the nightstands. He throws pillows and anything else he can put his hands on. He acts like I am the best woman he's ever been with in his entire 42 years of life. Our children used to ask us about the noise when they were younger, and it got to the point where we had to turn the TV up in our room so we didn't disturb them.

Last weekend, we had the house all to ourselves, and we had a lot of good sex. But this man tried to put a pillow over my face, and he bashed me in the head with the TV remote. Everything started so quick, and I didn't realize the remote was in the bed. My teenager came home and saw the Band-Aid above my eye and asked if Daddy had hit me.

Well, technically he did hit me, but not on purpose. My best friend thinks my husband is abusing me at times, and I'm making excuses for him. But the choking and biting are minor and the marks don't last long. What if my best friend is right, though? Is his behavior too excessive?