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The Strawberry Letter: She’s Has No Idea What He’s Doing

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I'm a 34-year-old married woman, and I'm staying at my cousin's house temporarily while I'm working on a project in Austin. My cousin is 52, and her husband is 48. My room is on the other side of their house, by the kitchen. I've heard my cousin's husband on the phone mumbling late at night darn near every night since I've been staying with them. He's usually on the couch every night until 3 AM, and then he goes to bed. My cousin is up and out early in the morning for work, and then her hubby is free to FaceTime some woman that has an annoying laugh; she's tickled by everything my cousin's husband tells her. I can't hear all of the conversation; I just hear her giggling. I have seen him come in from work, hanging up the phone as he reaches the back door. The worst part was running into him recently at the grocery store seafood counter. I playfully said I was surprised to see him in the store and asked if he was cooking dinner. He told me yes, he was making dinner, but not at home. I almost choked. He beat me to the house, and he was in the shower, so I assumed he was joking when I saw him in the grocery store. I went and peeked in his car, and the grocery bags were on the back seat. Around 7:30 PM, he threw on a sweatsuit and headed out. I decided to ask my cousin if she knew where he went. She said he was going to the gym so he wouldn't have to get up early in the morning to go. He walked in at 2 AM and slept on the couch. My cousin has no idea what he thinks he's doing. Is it best to stay out of this, or can I give her a few hints?