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The Strawberry Letter: The Visiting Pastor Is My Sugar Daddy

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I live in North Carolina, and I'm in a long-distance relationship with a man I've known all my life. He's a great man who would never cheat on me because he barely has enough money to take care of the two of us. After dating him for seven years without him having a real plan for our future, I cheated on him. I got a sugar daddy that lives in the same city as my man. He is a preacher and he's 31 years older than me. He spoils me with gifts, and he knows exactly what he is doing in the bedroom. But I have a potential problem coming up Easter weekend, and I don't know what I should do.

My boyfriend is spending Easter Sunday in North Carolina with me and my mom. My sugar daddy is going to be our visiting pastor at my home church for Easter Sunday. He has no idea that I have a boyfriend. He said it's a no-no. So, he called me today and said he's planning to stay at my apartment because it's just one night. He also said he wants to cook for me. I suggest that we get a hotel suite and order room service. He said even though he's divorced, he wants to be discreet, so he'd rather stay at my place.

I truly need him to get a hotel room because my boyfriend is staying with me. I can't afford to mess things up with my sugar daddy because he's talking about buying me a new car. My mom said I'm 30 now, so I should focus on the man with money, not the broke one. Dumping my boyfriend on Easter would be too harsh. I need advice. How do I decide who I'm spending Easter with?