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The Strawberry Letter: Preexisting Conditions

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I'm a 58-year-old single woman. I have been divorced for four years, and my two children are grown. The man that I've been dating hasn't been honest with me, so I need your advice. We met on a blind date, and it was one of the worst dates I've ever been on. The guy was not feeling well, and he kept going to the bathroom. I told him that I could not see myself going on any more dates with him, and after a few days, he started begging me for a second date. I fell for it and went to his house for dinner. I noticed that he had a few prescriptions in the cabinet, so I asked about the medicine. He said he takes a prescription acid and migraine medicine. I felt better knowing that it was nothing major. I've been getting to know him for the past three months, and I told him just about everything about me. Come to find out, he has not told me any important information about himself. I found out the hard way after he passed out while we were on a date, and I had to take him to the ER. After two hours in the ER, I was told that based on his history, he had to be admitted to the hospital again. I asked again, and she said he's been there three times so far this year. The nurse said that was all she could tell me since he was still asleep.

I tiptoed on out of there when the nurse left because he is not my man, and I didn't know he had pre-existing conditions. What if he is seriously ill? Should I stop talking to him before I end up his caretaker, or should I check on him and make sure he's going to be okay?