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The Strawberry Letter: She Is Going To Push Me To Do It

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I'm divorced, and my ex-husband and I are great at co-parenting. My son is 14, and my daughter is 10, so she prefers to stay with me, and my son prefers to stay with his dad. After we have been divorced seven months, I got a mommy makeover, and my ex came and stayed a few nights to help me with the kids. He also drove me to my doctor's appointments, and we worked on becoming friends again. Ten months after our divorce, we started having sex again. Then I found out he had a girlfriend, and I asked him about it. He admitted that he was in love with the new chick. I met the woman, and she told me they were getting married. She was gloating, but I congratulated them, and I decided to cut off the sex with my ex. He begged and pleaded to make love to me again, so I gave in to him. About three months ago, the lovemaking is better than when we were married, and I found myself falling in love with him again. But all of a sudden, his wife started irritating me like she's never irritated me before.

Her intuition must have kicked in, and she started checking my ex's phone and checking my Instagram page all the time. She started posting selfies with my ex with the hashtags "muffin" and "love bug." What really made me mad was her telling my kids that when she met their dad, he was sad and miserable from being married to me. She's going to push me to tell her what her husband and I are doing while she thinks he's at work. I've cut off the sex with him once again because I can't deal with the drama. He told me he will make his wife apologize to our children. If she doesn't apologize, should I tell her everything? Would my ex consider coming back to me, or would he be upset?