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The Strawberry Letter: How Do I Explain The Silence

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I've been married for three years and I work from home, but I have to travel sometimes for conferences. I often ride with coworkers if it's a short distance. Last week, I drove, and Don and Calvin from work jumped in with me. I made sure not to tell my husband who was riding with me until we got in the car, so I could act like I went up to the office and the guys just happened to end up in my car. My plan worked, and my husband called right as we pulled up to the hotel in Austin. I stayed in my car to take the call while Don and Calvin got our bags. It started raining, so I had to rush off the phone and get into the hotel because I couldn't find my umbrella.

I threw my phone in my purse and hurried out of the rain. I checked in and got my phone out of my purse. Don was in my room because he had brought my bag up for me. I had no idea that I had butt-dialed my husband, and he was on the other end of the phone listening to our conversation. Don laughed about how bad I drive and how poor Calvin was holding on for dear life because I was speeding. We laughed and talked for a minute or two, and then Don came over, hugged me, put both of his hands under my butt, and kissed the soul out of my body.

That boy laid it on me, and I was speechless. Then he just walked out and didn't say a word. My husband apparently hung up at that point and called me back. He said he heard that I had two men in my car and I didn't tell him, and to make it worse, I had a man in my room. But what upset him the most was the long silence he heard before Don walked out of my room. How do I explain the silence? I don't know what all he heard. Do I confess or keep acting dumb?