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Entertainment News: Kevin Hart's Height, New Lion King Movie, and Seinfeld

Kevin Hart has finally come clean about his true height after Anderson Cooper playfully poked fun at the various speculations swirling around. Anderson said, “According to GQ, you’re 5’5”, but the LA Times insists you’re 5’4”, and some other sources even claim you’re 5’2”!” Kevin jokingly admitted that GQ had indeed nailed it this time. He revealed that he stands at 5’5” with a shoe or sneaker on, but throw a boot into the mix and he can boast an extra half inch, reaching 5’5.5”. With Kevin's height mystery solved, perhaps other men will feel encouraged to be upfront about their stature.

In another light-hearted moment during the interview, Anderson Cooper inquired about Kevin's billionaire status, to which Kevin replied, “That's classified information, man! Are you trying to get me robbed?”

The trailer for the highly anticipated Lion King sequel, "Mufasa: The Lion King," debuted on Monday, stunning fans with the revelation that both Beyoncé and Blue Ivy will share the screen. This marks Blue's cinematic debut, a fact that the movie's director shared with PEOPLE, expressing how "truly amazing" it was to witness Beyoncé's dual role as both a mother on and off-screen.

Returning as Queen Nala, a role she flawlessly portrayed in the 2019 Lion King, Beyoncé will once again captivate audiences with her performance. Blue Ivy, taking on the character of Kiara, the daughter of Simba and Queen Nala, transitions seamlessly into acting following her recent Renaissance Tour.

Renowned comedian Jerry Seinfeld recently shared his thoughts on the evolving landscape of comedy in an interview with the New Yorker. Expressing his concern over what he terms as "P.C. crap" (politically correct) and the influence of the "extreme left," Seinfeld highlighted the challenges facing TV comedy, suggesting that the industry's heavy policing is leading to its potential extinction. He lamented that modern viewers are missing out on their daily comedic fix due to these constraints.