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The Strawberry Letter: How Does She Know Your Nickname?

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I've been married for five years, and I had a baby in December, so I'm eager to get these few extra pounds off. Pilates has always been my thing, but my Pilates instructor moved to another city. My husband loves his class at the gym, so I asked if it's worth me giving it a try. He said his class is full and there's a waiting list because his instructor is the best.

I'm a member at his gym too, so I went by one day and enrolled in any classes I could take. I ended up in a Pilates class with a nice older lady, but after one session, I realized I'm too advanced for her class, and she agreed. She suggested I sign up for the other Pilates class, so I did. It was just my luck that there was not a waiting list like my husband said there was.

I called my husband to tell him how happy I was to be in his class. He didn't seem happy at all, and he said that I can't be just distracting him while he's in the class. I'm not going to lie; I did not like his reaction, but I was still happy.

I went to class the next day, but my husband wasn't there. I enjoyed it, and the instructor is a cute, petite Latina with curly red hair. I ran into my husband as I was leaving the gym, and I didn't realize that my Pilates instructor was behind me. I told my husband that I love the class, and then the instructor popped out of nowhere and asked if "Bugs" had recommended the class to me. Bugs is my husband's nickname. I responded, "Yes, he did." She thanked me for coming and said, "See you later" to Bugs. All he could say is that a lot of people call him Bugs, so it's no big deal. He said "See you later" is a universal greeting and it didn't mean "later that day." I don't buy any of that. Is she giving my husband, Bugs, more than Pilates lessons?