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The Strawberry Letter - He Asked To See It and I Heard Him

Dear Steve and Shirley,

My husband and I have an auto detailing shop, but we make the most money with our mobile detailing truck. My husband has been running the mobile detailing business all by himself because he said he can't find anyone that's as good as he is. Most of his mobile customers are single females that don't like going to a car wash. I go by the shop daily to pick up the cash so I can deposit it.

I was there the other day and I overheard a female telling my detail’s shop manager that she had to stop getting mobile detailing because the owner was flirting with her and her husband didn't like it. Since she was talking about my husband, I asked the shop manager if she said anything else about my husband being inappropriate while he was working. The manager minimized the whole complaint by saying the customer is an airhead that thinks all men want her. I could see that in her so I didn't dwell on it.

The next day, my husband was on the deck smoking a cigar, and I could see him on the camera smiling and talking on the phone. I turned the sound on so I could listen to his conversation. I heard him asking for a picture of something. He asked for a sneak peek, a full view, and then he asked the person to touch whatever it was that he wanted to see. I started talking to him through the camera and it startled him. He hung up without saying bye and he came in the house. He said he was talking to a guy about a scratch on his car; the guy wanted to see if he could buff it out without having to sand and repaint it. I don't believe that. My intuition tells me he's a cheater. My intuition tells me he was asking to see some part of a female's body. Do I need more proof before I accuse him of lying?