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The Strawberry Letter: My Daddy Is For The Streets

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I'm married and we have one child who's finally on her own. My dad is single, never married, and he came over one day recently to borrow our leaf blower. He set his phone on the couch and went outside with my husband. His phone rang, and it was a picture of a girl who graduated from high school with my daughter. She must be 24 or 25 years old now.

I took his phone to him and asked why she was calling him. He got his phone from me and asked, "Why not?" My husband gave me a side-eye, like I should mind my business, but I could see that my dad had a sparkle in his eye. He must be dating her but won't admit it. I asked my daughter if she knew anything about this, but she didn't. She did tell me that the girl has been dating a guy for at least four years because her child just turned four, and they got a big house recently. She said it stood out because she's so young and has a nice house.

I called my dad and asked if he knew that the girl had a little family. He said he knows and that he has spent time with her son and went house hunting with them. It didn't dawn on me that my dad could be the guy she's been seeing until my daughter told me that no one has met this girl's boyfriend or been to her new home. She also said the girl doesn't post pictures of her man. My husband could hear our conversation and sternly said I need to let this go and leave my dad alone.

Does my dad have a child with this young woman? If so, why won't he claim her and the little boy? And why is my husband acting all weird about it?