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The Strawberry Letter: All of These Women Can't Be Lying

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I've been with my partner for four months. He didn't want to get married for a third time, and I didn't want to get married for a fourth time, so we decided to buy ourselves a nice house in his hometown and settle in together. I have three grown daughters, and he has six grown sons. My past husbands were all in the town we moved away from. His past wives all live in the town we moved away from.

Things are kind of tricky because my three daughters Googled him and found his ex-wives on social media. Both of his ex-wives had current pictures with my man from this past Christmas. I met him in mid-January, so I wasn't too concerned about that. My kids did not like it and they said I should meet up with his ex-wives without telling my man. I didn't think it would matter much, so I met with his two exes at Ryan's. Then a third woman walked in, and they got up and hugged her, and they were all glad to see each other.

I was very confused at this point. They told me that this third woman is the wild card of their bunch, and she had an eight-year-old son by my man. She showed me the money transferred to her account every month for child support. I asked if they had any overlap in their relationships, and they said of course, like I was the ignorant one at the table.

My mind was fried by the time I got home. I asked my man if he's still sleeping with the ladies, and he chuckled and said that I'm worried about the wrong thing. He said it's all lies and there's no eight-year-old. He said the lady is his tenant and he sends her money to cover the HOA fees at his property. He told me that since I met with them in secret, I can believe whatever I want to believe.

All these women can't be lying, right? What kind of sister wives mess is this going on?