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The Strawberry Letter: He Won’t Fight Back But I Will

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I've been with Don for four years, off and on. He's a great friend, lover, and hard worker, but he's messy. He tells all of his sister's business, and his older sister beat him up several years ago. He didn't learn his lesson and did it again.

His older sister is supposedly an escort, and he decided to share it with their dad. She showed up at their dad's house and wore my man out. I couldn't stand by and let that happen because he didn't run from her or anything. I ended up with a busted lip and a pulled muscle.

Then his sister's boyfriend showed up at our house and tried to have round two with my man. That wasn't happening, and I hit him with a broom the minute he lunged at my husband. I don't get why my boyfriend won't defend himself or keep his mouth closed when it comes to his sisters.

He did a similar thing to his younger sister. She asked to stay with us, and I said she could stay for a few days but not her boyfriend. I told him no. She showed up anyway with her sorry boyfriend, and my messy man asked the dude if he still had two warrants. All he had to do was put his foot down and tell his sister no. Instead, he got in this six-four young man's face, talking like he could whoop his tail. That man shoved my man in the forehead, and my man fell back like he was in a wrestling match. So I had to step in once again and calm the situation.

The fact that Don won't defend himself is a problem for me. Can a man be everything that I need him to be and be a wimp at the same time? He has gotten me into a lot of fights lately, and I need him to control his mouth. Is it too much to ask for him to defend himself?