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The Strawberry Letter: Why Would My Husband Pay for Her Vacation?

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I've been married for seven years, and I need advice because my husband is being inappropriate with the girl that keeps our kids.

I was at the hair salon, and a girl that goes to church with me asked if I had the same babysitter that used to come to church with me. I told her yes, and she asked if I had seen the pictures from the babysitter's trip to Destin. I am not on TikTok, so she showed me the babysitter's videos.

I've only seen her as a 24-year-old sweet, introverted girl that loves my two kids. But in the video, she was taking shots of alcohol, twerking on her girlfriends, and throwing her middle fingers up in the air. The caption was "kept" with a money bag emoji and the 100% emoji. In another video, she was walking on the beach, talking to her girls, and bragging about how lucky she is to be with "daddy." She said, "I take care of daddy's kids, and daddy takes care of me."

I screen recorded the video, went home, and decided to lie to my husband. My intuition told me that the babysitter was talking about him when she said "daddy." I told him that I had already talked to the babysitter and she confessed. My husband said that first off, I should have told him. I don't exactly remember what else he said. I do recall him saying that he gave her money for the trip to show her that we appreciate her, but there's no way that he's the "daddy" she's referring to. He told me that it does not always have to be sexual when a man does something nice for a woman.

Is he for real? Why else would he pay for her vacation if he's not her "daddy"?