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The Strawberry Letter: He Described a Different Experience

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I'm in a long-distance relationship with a guy that I dated in high school. We both married other people and we both got divorced last fall. So, we decided to give dating a try again, but he lives almost three hours away, so I don't get to see him as much as I'd like to.

He came to see me over the weekend, and this was our first time having sex in 19 years. I was so ready for it. He got in Thursday, and I went to his hotel room after work. I took a shower and then he put it on me like he promised. He kept on saying that I had been waiting for that moment for years, and he said I'm by far the best woman he ever had sex with. We went in for round two before I went to work the next day. I had been twisted and turned in the best way, and I could barely make it through the day without having flashbacks.

I went straight to the room after I got off. I was surprised that his bed wasn't made and he was still in it. I was expecting more sex, but he said he was still tired from the night before, so we did an oral exchange that put me to sleep. I woke up to wrap my hair up, and I overheard him in the bathroom on the phone talking low. He was describing a sexual encounter he had earlier that day, but it was definitely not with me. He said it was the kisses that had him so turned on, and it is hard for him to be intimate without kissing and sensual touch. He didn't kiss me in the mouth at all. He also said he kept eye contact with whoever he was intimate with. He and I never locked eyes. He was in there describing a different experience than we had.

Should I assume that he's not ready to settle down? Can I tell him what I heard?