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The Strawberry Letter: I Wanna Teach These Twins A Lesson

Dear Steve and Shirley,

You are not going to believe this. I am 30 years old, and my longtime girlfriend has an identical twin sister. I can barely tell them apart sometimes. They both have short curly fros, dimples in both cheeks, and similar bodies. My girlfriend and her twin love to prank me and confuse me since they look so much alike. Their little pranking went too far, and now I want in on the fun.

Two Saturdays ago, I had a cookout and my girlfriend and her twin showed up wearing the same shorts set. I had been drinking and cooking all day, so I was feeling good and sitting in the backyard talking to my cousin. I texted my girl to bring me another beer out to the patio. She brought the beer and leaned over to give me a wet, nasty kiss when she handed it to me. I grabbed her by her butt and pulled her onto my lap.

My cousin said that was his cue to leave, so my girlfriend and I were about to go at it. As it was getting good, the twin walked out to watch us. I thought, okay, this is freaky, but we kept on grinding and kissing. Then my girlfriend jumped up, and the twins busted out laughing. That's when I realized it was not my girlfriend that I was about to have sex with, it was her twin sister. They played another prank on me, but I wasn't laughing because I was ready for some action.

Since then, I can't stop thinking about the twin sister, her juicy kisses, and how good her body felt. I don't think she was just pranking me. I felt like she wanted me for real. They started this, and I want to finish it. I'm thinking of asking my girlfriend for a threesome with her sister.

Would I be wrong? Please advise.