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The Strawberry Letter: My Children's Momma Or My Sugar Momma

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I love my wife very much, and she is the mother of my children, but I have another woman. My wife is very beautiful and smart, but she doesn't submit to me like my mistress does. My wife wants me to be the man of the house all of the time, and when I ask her for help on certain things, she huffs and puffs. I just want to partner with her and raise our children together.

My other woman is older and loves catering to me like she is my personal assistant. It's so good with this older woman. I'm starting to wonder if I'm falling in love with her or if I'm just in love with all of the attention. I told my mistress that I am not leaving my wife, and she doesn't seem to care.

My wife had my phone looking for our plumber's number, and she ran across a text from my mistress. I told her she is one of my real estate clients. My wife would never suspect anything, and she doesn't question me. If she found out about my mistress, I'm sure I could explain it so that she wouldn't think anything was going on because this lady isn't my type at all.

I'm in it for the way she's always making me feel. She makes me a priority and treats me like a king. She buys me expensive gifts, and she freely gives me money. I love that she enjoys cognac and cigars with me and has a passion for classic cars. She is the ideal sugar mama. The sex is great and feels so natural with her that I can't imagine why this woman is single.

I'm not under any pressure to stop seeing this woman, but I know it's wrong. I am happy at home and I'm happy with my mistress, so I would have a hard time choosing between the two. Should I make a choice now or ride this out? Please help.