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Steve Harvey Talks Family, R. Kelly & More From His Vacation Boat

posted by Dawn Dai - 

😍😍😍 #Repost @marjorie_harvey... Happy Bastille Day July 14th from the Harveys 🇫🇷

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We all know that Steve Harvey is the hardest working man in show business. Hosting 7 television shows and the nationally syndicated, Steve Harvey Morning Show, Unc can't click his heels fast enough to get on his boat where he spends 5 weeks of doing absolutely nothing.

What a gift to get some rest... if you wondering .....I ain’t doing nothing

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Now because we miss Unc so much, Nephew Tommy gives him a call to get an update on his "ballin'" vacation. 

We find out that Unc is living "large and in charge" on a boat that has a gym and 6 bedrooms, which will be later occupied by 4 of his children when they arrive this week. 

He admits that his schedule is quite simple, "I wake up. I walk past the gym. I look in there and then I go up on deck and have coffee with my girl." He adds, "then we start resting right after we wake up, go get something to eat and then rest after we eat so we can rest up to eat again."

After all that resting and eating he sits out on the deck to have a drink and a cigar and then he sleeps and does the whole thing all over again. #mustbenice

No movement today.

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In part 2 of Steve's conversation with the crew, Nephew Tommy asks him if he's going bring him back a surprise. In good 'ol Unc fashion, he tells him that he found him some shoes that would make him four inches taller and if you know how "tall" Tommy is, you know he could definitely use them.

The “HEIGHT” of the night for #NephewTommy 😂 #GracieAwards #TheGracies

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Unc then goes on to talk about his celebrity friends he's seen thus far, including having dinner with Kris Jenner and her boo, Corey Gamble and friends.

Thanks @marjorieharvey @iamsteveharveytv for the amazing night in Portofino! Love #dominicodolce @coreygamble @fancyncr @siqueira #latenightfun #friendship #memories #Repost @fancyncr ・・・ The gangs all here Loved spending time @marjorie_harvey ✨👯❌⭕️💖#dolcegabbana

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Kicking it at the On The Run Tour II concert with Beyoncé's mother, Tina Lawson and hubby Richard Lawson and how it was "the best concert of his life."

Look, @iamsteveharveytv and @marjorie_harvey attend Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s OTR II concert with @mrrichardlawson @mstinalawson & @christucker ❤️ l📸: @mstinalawson

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He went as far as to post a video of of him and his longtime friend, Chris Tucker.

In case you’re wondering, Unc is out on his boat living his best life and catching up with old friends! 🛥 #SteveHarvey @christucker #ChrisTucker I🎥: @iamsteveharveytv

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Take a listen and find out Unc's plans to change his wardrobe for his talk show next season, how J. Anthony Brown snubbed him on making him a pair of yellow pants and his thoughts on being included in R. Kelly's 19-minute song, "I Admit."

Get it Unc!

PHOTO: @steveharveytv (IG)


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