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"Can You Bring Me Some Paper"

Growing up, you've probably been taught that there are no such things as "dumb" or "stupid" questions. However, when you're dealing with the fool Nephew Tommy, you can sure as hell well throw that nugget of information straight out the window.

In this prank phone call, Tommy portrays a gentleman named "Scottie," who is house sitting for a friend named Rita. Rita provided Scottie with the contact information of two of her neighbors for emergency purposes. Well, while house sitting, Scottie felt a rumble in his tummy and got trapped in the bathroom because he ran out of toilet paper. 

For this "emergency" he reached out to Charlie, who lives four houses down, to bring him some toilet paper. Charlie immediately refused because it sounded like a "personal problem" and because he was in the middle of cooking for his wife for their "special occasion."

Welp, Scottie got offended and threatened to "whoop [his] ass" and that's when everything went downhill.   

Take a listen:

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