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Prayers Up For a Quick Recovery For Tamela Mann

Tamela Mann david Mann

Tamela Mann has been public about the past struggles she's faced in life. Between previous humps in her marriage to husband, David Mann, to hard times in her career, the Grammy-winning gospel singer has bared it all. So her health battles are no different.

David has never left his wife's side as she gone through major transformations with her weight. Tamela recent underwent a double knee replacement surgery July 17th that he was proud to share fans about. As the Diary of A Mad Black Woman couple thanked fans and followers for kind thoughts and uplifting prayers, Mann clan family members surrounded them during the trying time. Almost two weeks and a successful surgery later, David has consistently kept everyone updated on his 30-year long partner's condition.

Day one post-surgery kicked off successfully! Tamela explained plans to start walking in the next hour and showed off the family's "TeamMann" t-shirts.

"I just love everybody, I just thank my family and all you guys' prayers out there and all the calls we got. I really appreciate it. I couldn't have made it without everybody, so thank you so much."

Leaving the hospital was rough for our 53-year-old patient, so David had to cut the update short.

Thank goodness for such a supportive team! Tamela went from tears of pain to smiles of joy as her theatrical husband raced off in his own walker without her.

"You got to have some humor when you're in pain."

Tamela's a fighter and serves a Higher Power that will surely get her through these grueling moments. She'll definitely be swinging to “Us Against The World The Love Project” very soon. As she continues to fight, let's all send warm regards and prayers her way!

Photo: Getty & Instagram (@davidandtamela)