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Aretha Franklin Left Behind $1 Million In Uncashed Checks

Aretha Franklin left a lot of questions unanswered after she died. Aside from lack of clarity regarding her wills, there's also almost $1 million of uncashed checks that haven't been accounted for. Must be nice.

An inventory check of Aretha's possession led to the discovery of the unbothered checks. One was for $702,711.90 from Sound Exchange and Screen Writers Guild. Another is for $285,944.27 from her publishing company, Springtime Publishing, from EMI, BMI, Carlin Music and Feel Good Films.

The fight within her family has been draining to say the least. Billboard states even her son, Kecalf's, attorneys Charlene Glover-Hogan and Juanita Gavin Hughses consider it, "totally unacceptable that it has taken a year for the heirs to begin find out what their mother owned on the date of her death.”

Let'sLet's hope the commotion comes to a close sooner rather than later.

Photo: Getty